Video Communications

Group of businessmen communicating over modern video streaming conference technology.

engagement & collaboration = enhanced productivity

Person-to-person contact in the digital age can be a challenging endeavor, particularly in the virtual and remote workspace where emails and messaging apps are an easy way to communicate over various time zones and distances.  But many companies are finding that their need for visual engagement and collaboration could not be greater.  Visible human interaction is still the most effective way of getting business done.  People want to know who they are talking to.  They need to know the information they are getting can be trusted and that their messages are getting through.

Today's Video Communications technology not only allows for this personal interaction, but enhances it with powerful tools 21st century businesses need to succeed.  Real-time document and screen sharing, video recording and playback, virtual meeting management and progress tracking - and, of course, easy and secure access across multiple platforms and devices - have become strategic and necessary solutions at a time when misinformation and misperception can sabotage a company's best practices and client interactions.

Video Communications is now more than just hearing a colleague's voice or observing someone's body language on screen.  Collaboration has taken on new meaning as all types of technologies - including a company's most used and trusted apps - converge to enable a level of communications that melds timeless communication with sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology.

Here at DJJ Technologies, we've made it our business to partner with Best-of-Breed companies to help businesses modernize and strengthen their communications capabilities.  Here are some of the features you can depend on:

      • Productive and efficient integration with leading 3rd party applications such as Microsoft office 365, Google, and Salesforce
      • Access to a multi-modal experience of communication and interaction
      • Video as an integral piece of persistent collaboration via simple user interface and ubiquitous devices


Access Control & video surveillance

Fingerprint Scan Security System

Protecting People, Assets and Property

DJJ Technologies is a full-service video surveillance and access control solution provider.  We have relationships with a number of Best-of-Breed manufactures to customize all of your security needs.

Whether your organization is a small regional enterprise or a multinational corporation, our team of dedicated professionals will design a surveillance solution that provides enhanced safety for your employees, information and equipment.  And that's without interruption of interference with the daily operations of your business.

Our surveillance and access control solutions are designed with the end-user in mind, allowing for a convenient platform from which to manager your facilities - from anywhere.

An entire range of access control systems are available, from simple single door to large-scale enterprise access control systems.  Video Surveillance can function as a standalone system or be combined with access control to build a completely integrated security solution.

By incorporating intuitive features with easy-to-use software and integration productions, DJJ Technologies helps provide complete monitoring and access control of any building or facility.  We partner with a wide variety of leading industry manufacturers and our security team experts will recommend the best possible solution and strategy for your unique security requirements.

      • Physical Access Control (Door Access Control with Card Readers, MagLocks, Door Strikes, Motion Sensors, Request to Exit Buttons, Timed Contact Closures, Door Open Sirens.)
      • IP Video Surveillance (IP Video Surveillance Cameras including specialty cameras, freezer, indoor/outdoor, IP66 Rated, Weatherproof)
      • On-site and remote monitoring, including: Visitor Management, Identity management, Employee ID Badges, Intrusion Detection, Video Intercom, Audio Intercom, PBX Access Control Integration, Biometric Access.

For a complete list of manufactures we represent, click here.