Cloud computing without the risk of going public

Cloud computing is everywhere. You can’t talk about technology without talking about the Cloud. And yet, the prospect of navigating this large public space makes many of our security-conscious customers uncomfortable, even feeling too exposed. They want the unbounded flexibility the Cloud brings, but require fixed levels of security and control over mission critical applications that they can’t be sure they’re getting with giant providers. Not to mention the personal support crucial for operations should something go wrong.

That’s why we’ve developed DJJcloud, a private and robust data center-based cloud communication platform for any size organization. Conscious of the unique and acute needs of your business, we offer a variety of ways you can utilize virtual computing to support communication solutions while minimizing the associated costs and risks.

Based on DJJ’s EDGE portfolio, DJJcloud is built on VMware ©, the leading platform for virtualizing business applications powered by Avaya, a recognized leader in unified communications. Through partnership with MASS Communications and Cologix, we can address all of your business communications needs over a privatized connection, protected by layers of redundancies and “hardwired” in a secure colocation facility so your data and communications are safe from potential harm.

Head in the clouds, but your feet firmly on the ground. DJJcloud.


  • Own, rent or lease 
  • Hybrid architecture ensures UCaaS business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Public fail over access options
  • Secured Access
  • Ease of deployment
  • Managed Services & Support
  • Completely customizable and scalable
  • Virtualization (dedicated virtual machines with private slices)
  • Monthly OPEX or CAPEX financial models